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Kashmiri Furnishing Rugs

Kashmiri carpets or rugs silk are beautiful Kashmiri craftsmanship which possess beautiful design and are woven with very fine silk fibers and have superb luster, permanent shine and entirely knotted by hand.  These Silk Kashmiri carpets or rugs reflect Persian design and these silk rugs are rare than wool or cottons and generally fewer are made and normally took more than 12 months to complete.

Beautiful Silk Kashmiri carpet or rug is always part of Kashmiri craftsmanship. Silk Kashmiri carpets or rugs are known the world over for two things: Obviously Silk Kashmiri carpets or rugs are beautiful beside that, they are always hand-woven and they are always hand knotted.

A Silk Kashmir carpet or rug is a long life investments-it is expensive but worth it…no other carpets or rugs in world can match the beauties, perfect ness, and dedicated craftsmanship of Silk Kashmiri carpets or rugs. A relatively simple Silk Kashmiri carpet or rug of size 2 feet by 3 feet would took up to 5-6 months to complete. Each Silk Kashmiri carpet or rug is considered to be a never-before seen piece of hand-made art. Hence the life of these Silk Kashmiri carpet or rug is 80 – 100 years making them virtually a lifetime purchase.

Most important aspect of determining its durability and value of beautiful Silk Kashmiri carpet or rug is knotting of carpet. In addition to its design. Basically, the more knots per square inch, the greater its value and durability. Count the number of knots on the reverse of carpet in any one square inch.

Silk Kashmiri carpet or rug weaving in Kashmir was not originally indigenous but is thought to have come in by way of Persia. Silk Kashmiri carpet or rug weaving is therefore strongly reflective of Persian styling. Till today most designs are distinctly Persian with local; variations. One example, however, of a typical Kashmiri design is the tree of life. Persian design not withstanding, any carpet woven in Kashmir is referred to as Kashmiri. The Silk Kashmiri carpets or rugs are made predominantly in the Srinagar area of Kashmir , and generally confined to the men of the family, though nowadays, women are also entering the trade.

These exquisite creations are hand-knotted on the warp threads, one at a time, in accordance to a strict code of colors in the order of their appearance in the pattern. Often the code is lyric into a song, which is hummed by the knotters at the time of weaving. The knotted product is clipped with shears to smoothness, and then treated with several brightening and protective chemical washes. The color-way of Silk Kashmir carpet or rug and its details differentiate it from any other carpet. And while on the subject of colors, it should be kept in mind that although the colors of Silk Kashmiri carpets or rugs are more subtle and muted than elsewhere in the country, only chemical dyes are used-vegetable dyes have not been available now for hundred years.








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