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Chain-Stitch Rugs:        



These are hand embroidered rugs used as floor coverings or as wall hanging . This is an inexpensive carpet or the substitute for the carpet and comes in all sizes.

The technique of chain stitch is that of continued stitch of embroidery work all over the cloth, not by a needle but by a hook called 'Aree'.

The embroidery is done all over on a hand-woven preshrunk white cotton cloth base with woolen, cotton or silken threads.

The cloth used as the base cannot be seen at all because of continued stitching. In the best and expensive ones only the finest woolen threads are used with finnier and large number of stitches- tinnier, the neater and the better.

The colors are so beautiful and intricately stitched into each other that the blending produces aesthetic beauty. These come mostly with floral patterns and the colors used generally are soft pastels.

The exquisite variety of Chain stitch rugs can be made in any design ranging from geometrical shapes, flora, fauna or the traditional carpet designs.

The custom-made rugs can be the design of your choice, need like your company logo etc. Our artisans have excelled in designs and most of them are the art designers of excellence.








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