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Srinagar Kashmir,

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Kashmir Art & Crafts Provides:

- Genuine Art
- Masterpieces
- Affordable Rates
- Large Collection
- After Sales Support
- Bulk Orders
- Wholesale Price
- Quality Assurance
- Peace of Mind

Genuine Arts - Carpets, Papier-Mache, Cahin-Stitich, Wood-Carvings, Crewel, Dresses and Furnishings. BUY THE BEST
   :: Welcome to the World of Kashmir Arts  
  As a leader of Handicrafts in Kashmir, we at Kashmir Art and Crafts are dedicated for providing great value and a superior selection, delivered with highest level of services, our depth of inventory, vast experience in the business and pure commitment to service allow us to meet all of your Genuine Kashmir Art and Crafts needs.

Being a family owned business, the company has been established in 1930 and till now has earned clientage throughout the world.
The purpose of this website is another milestone in our commitments for promotion of Genuine Art across the world.

With its head office based in Jammu & Kashmir, Company has a branch offices in other parts of country and abroad for exporting the Art to the lovers of Genuine Art across the Globe.

The production unit in Kashmir has a manpower of 500 artisans, ready to meet the customer demands and provide quality products for ultimate satisfaction. From past 76 years the organization has been exporting to Europe, Germany, Middle East, Asia-Pacific & United States of America.

   :: Our Product Range  
  • Best Kashmiri Carpets - Kashmiri Carpets are world-famous for their beautiful hand-woven designs traditional as well as modern, intricate embroidery, colors and the material used.
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  • The Papier-mâché : Papier-mâché variety items
    You name the object and it is ready in papier-mâché with exuberant colors, designs and finesse. Lamps, Flower vases, Jewel boxes, Christmas Balls .... list is endless.
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  • Chain-Stitch Rugs : These are hand embroidered rugs used as floor coverings or as wall hanging . This is an inexpensive carpet or the substitute for the carpet and comes in all sizes.
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  • Kashmiri Shawls : embroidery shawls in Pashmina, ruffle and cashmere wool.
    Kashmiris have been making shawls for thousands of years owing to the cold climate and abundance of pure wool available in valley.
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  • Wood Carvings: The woodcarving is one of the best known cottage industries of the Kashmir valley. Wood carving is done on a variety of objects-ranging from furniture (tables, chairs, writing desks, dining tables etc.) to articles of personal use like cigarette boxes, cigar boxes, jewelry boxes, photo frames and various other articles.
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Welcome to the world of Handicrafts on internet - Kashmir Art & Crafts and take home the genuine Art.

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